WeiPass, a mobile e-commerce solution provider, just released a mini POS machine, WeiPOS, for businesses to take advantage of WeChat Payment. It’s just one week after WeChat announced to open the WeChat Payment solution for all businesses.

After a merchant types in an amount, WeiPOS will generate a QR code for users to scan with WeChat and pay with WeChat Payment.

WeiPass charges lower commission rates than UnionPay does, according to the company.

The cost of a unit is about 1000 yuan (roughly $160). The company is considering offering the WeiPOS for free — there’s a popular theory in China that you should offer smart hardware for free and make money from premium services on top of the software.

Although merchants will be able to take payments directly through smartphone with WeChat Payment, WeiPass thinks a separate machine will still be in need; for instance, smartphones cannot print out receipts.

The company began developing the machine last year. Before the WeChat POS machine, the company developed an electronic seal and accompanying apps for businesses to manage digital loyalty programs and customers. Previously WeiPass reached a deal with Sina’s payment.  So it will be just a matter of time for WeiPOS to add more mobile payment solutions onto it.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at traceyxiang@gmail.com

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