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In this gadget age, tablets and smartphones are now among the most common ‘toys’ children entertain themselves with. It is no wonder that educational apps targeted at children have seen an influx over the last few years, with preschool education apps such as BabyBus, Roam & Wander and e-learning platform SmarTots raking in millions in funding.

Hong Kong tech startup Aedify Technology has also hopped onto the educational app bandwagon, adding two more mobile app exercises to its educational Toothy Buddies app lineup. Titled Rainbow Slide and Butterfly Kaleidoscope, the apps are available in both English and Chinese. Targeted at kids to focus on training their eye-hand and spatial judgement, the exercises purportedly aim to help children gain a better control of their fine motor skills. Unlike some educational apps, which focus largely on penmanship drills that can be dreary and boring, Toothy Buddy exercises utilize interactive and engaging games to help children move forward and improve essential skills.

Rainbow Slide, for instance, allows kids to play a simple game that works on their ocular motor skills. Various objects fall down a “rainbow slide” and the child has to tap on the various falling objects to progress to the next level. Aedify claims that this allows children to learn to read better and improves their reading speed as the level of the game becomes more advanced.


Children are required to tap on the corresponding object as it falls down the Rainbow Slide

On the other hand, the aim of Butterfly Kaleidoscope is for children to identify matching shapes and items before dragging them onto the correct butterfly wings. Through the exercise, their spatial perception skills can be improved, allowing better handwriting skills especially for Chinese characters.


The aim is to get the child to match the right shapes to the butterflies’ wings.

Both exercises are adjusted automatically to the child’s level of proficiency, ensuring that a solid improvement and grasp of the current level is made before moving on to the next level. Parents can also receive a updates and an analytical report on the child’s progress and results.

Rainbow Slide and Butterfly Kaleidoscope are available for a free trial for Android and iOS, and the full versions can be purchased at USD 1.99 each.

Aedify commissions its own research and develops methodologies to bring interesting and effective learning experiences to children. The company is currently an incubatee of the Incu-TechTM Programme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.

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