This week, TechNode got a chance to sit down with Meng Zhiping, CEO of VXPLO Interactive Group, a nominee for the cloud service award of ChinaBang 2014. He elaborated on the company’s product, development so far, as well as aspirations for the future.

VXPLO (video explorer) is a cloud based editing tool that helps designers and individual users to make interactive online shows without coding. Compared with previous developing process for an interactive web page which involves lines of codes, various devices and browsers, the graphic based editing interface of VXPLO helps users to get rid of the coding process so as to concentrate squarely on design.


VXPLO provides a new interactive media format, using original communication protocol to integrate media elements such as video, animation, webpage, images and etc. Based on cloud computing platforms (on AWS overseas and Aliyun in China), VXPLO can be easily used for online video editing, interactive web design and interactive exhibition solutions, he added.

Another highlight of the technology is that contents edited by the tool allow the users to click or tap the objects shown in videos to get the detailed information of a particular product, like the price or the site to purchase it, according to Meng. This makes a lot for sense for both individual consumers and e-commerce sites.


Meng disclosed that the company has turned to profit last year, mainly comes from 2B business, which covers large touch screen walls (up to 30 billion pixels of display resolution) featuring multi-touch functions, cross-screen interaction projects by making mobile gadgets into remote controllers of bigger screens etc. Its enterprise customers include Tencent, NetEase, TouchMedia, Cartier, etc.

VXPLO also prepared to launch a free online editing platform for individual users around June this year, where they can edit online slideshows, digital cards, photo albums, video blogs, teaching materials and online resumes. The platform is now available for public testing in both Chinese and English now. The platform is highly compatible with all kinds of browsers and all screens. It supports HTML5, CSS3 and flash, as well as mobile gadgets powered by iOS and Android systems.

This technology can be applied in various fields like advertising, exhibition, interactive shopping, online education etc.

The company has obtained more than 50 patents since its establishment in 2006. VXPLO is headquartered in Shanghai and has branched into Shenzhen, Chengdu, Guangzhou with more than 40 employees. After receiving supports from Hong Kong government-backed creative digital community Cyberport last year, VXPlO is now running a Hong Kong office as its global operating center.

Setting eyes on overseas market, company has launched an English version and planned to establish an office in Silicon Valley latter this year.

VXPLO has received angel investments back in 2008 and planned to raise funds this year.

image credit: VOPLO

Emma Lee (Li Xin) was TechNode's e-commerce and new retail reporter until June 2022, when she moved to Sixth Tone to cover technology and consumption. Get in touch with her via or Twitter.

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