20 million people get married in China every year, and many couples often place a great emphasis on their wedding day, often spending huge sums of money to make their day special. The wedding industry in a multi-billion dollar market in China, and it is no wonder that there are an increasing number of apps focused around this industry.

One such app is MarryMemo, a wedding planner app by Suncloud Co., aims to help soon-to-wed couples in China with planning their dream wedding as well as aggregate all the beautiful photographs taken at their big day.

Unlike some wedding planner apps which often provides merely a checklist and reminders leading up to the big day, MarryMemo helps couples who are about to tie the knot narrow down and select various vendors for their wedding, such as wedding photographers, caterers, dress-makers etc. Vendors are able to showcase their works and products on the app for potential customers to view, and MarryMemo also allows users to make purchases on products offered by vendors. Users are also able to view the contact information of vendors through the app and reach them directly.

Couples are also able to design their wedding invitation via a variety of templates before sending it out via WeChat, texts or email to friends and family. After the guests have accepted the invitation via an invitation code entered into the MarryMemo app, they are automatically added to a guest list, and future pictures uploaded or interactions with the couple via the MarryMemo app will automatically be collected in one place for future reminiscing.

Yet another function of MarryMemo is the Wedding Story function, which allows couples to tell their love story via a series of captioned photographs. MarryMemo also organizes contests for users of the app whereby prizes are given out to the couple with the best Wedding Story, and also posts events that the couples might be interested in, such as Wedding Expos in various cities in China.

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