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We’ve all had the experience of standing in an elevator with a stranger and not being able to figure out where exactly to focus our eyes. DigiGage, a Tel Aviv -based startup just announced global public launch recently, aims to relieve us from the awkward elevator rides and make the experience more friendly and less stressful.

DigiGage delivers a software and sensor system that enables elevator companies to add virtual-windows to closed elevator-cabs. Powered by the sensor, the screen embedded in the wall of elevators can react accordingly. The elevator riders’ angle of view for the objects displayed in the screen will change as they go up and down in the elevator, offering a more engaging experience for the occupants.

The operators can download the different scenarios, like a beautiful ocean reef, or a vintage, artistic clock-themed world to the embedded screen from a cloud-based interface to adapt to the internal designs of the elevators. Moreover, the system provides a complete information-layer that includes real-time building messages, floor specific messages, news and RSS feeds, and even social media connectivity.

The system is compatible with the majority of elevators. More importantly, the whole platform runs completely independently of the elevator system keeping it in-line with all safety regulations.


DigiGage System at a Kone Elevator at Dalian, China

The system has been rolled out in Israel, the U.S. and Italy. Additionally, DigiGage is sharing that it has already installed a number of systems in Chinese cities of Dalian, Shanghai, including at the SJEC test tower.

Established in 2009, the company is co-founded by Jonathan Einav (CEO) and Ben Kidron (president), two serial entrepreneurs from Israel. The company has raised funds from angel investors.

image credit: DigiGage

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