With hundreds of loyalty and card programs out there, keeping on top of your accumulated points, rewards and travel miles can be a real challenge. Giift.com a Singapore-based startup established in 2012, aims to address that problem.

Labeled itself as the “LinkedIn of gift cards and loyalty programs”, Giift.com is set to integrate the accumulated rewards, points and miles on various programs into one place.

Upon registration, users may start building their portfolio by adding miles, loyalty programs, gift cards and memberships. Once added, the dashboard gives you an overview of all the programs and cards you hold, and their value. All of these programs can be redeemed online via access from the dashboard.


Another notable functionality of Giift.com is the ability to trade the cards and programs under your portfolio for cash or your preferred cards and loyalty programs. Moreover, users also can share interesting offers and promotion activities with their friends.

The site claimed to have integrated 1,200 loyalty and card programs, including 500 track balance programs in more than 50 countries. Giift.com is currently available in three languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin) and French.

The company was co-founded by Pascal Xatart, CEO of the company who has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in software and technology, Laurent Xatart and Jean Herbière.

Giift.com now has more than 20 full-time employees with offices in Singapore, Beijing, New York and Paris. It has received $5.3 million capital from founders and private investors.

image credit: Giift

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