For most enterprises, the effects of their expensive training projects for the newly recruited employees are not satisfactory, because the training contents may not applicable to their actual works, moreover, the knowledge acquired are easily forgotten without constant use.

TapTalents, a Singapore-based startup, helps enterprises to easily add and deliver various personalized training contents to busy remote workers on their existing mobile devices, introduced Loh Mun Yew, CEO of TapTalents.

The individual employees can learn a new skill while travelling, like how to sell a new product, how to perform a new procedure, how to pitch correctly, or show the training materials full of product details directly to the customers on the worksite. So the workers can learn while they work, and work while they learn.

In addition to delivering the latest contents (texts, images, videos etc) specific to the employees’ tasks, the platform also collects real-time feedbacks from the workers so that the content can be refined for maximum training effectiveness.

TapTalents encourages interaction and collaboration among workers who can share contents with their colleagues. The platform will also track, analyze and recommend relevant contents to workers with similar preferences to speed up knowledge discovery.

Targeted at large-scale enterprises that have high training budgets, the company is now providing services to Fuji Xerox, Santosa and telecom carrier SingTel. The service is priced at SGD10-15 (around $8-$12) per employee per month according to different size of the companies.

“We are not here to replace traditional training services, but to enhance the training effects by transferring the knowledge from classroom to the field”, said Loh Mun Yew.

The company was founded under a 5-month incubation project April 2013. After the project was finished, it was selected in the Singapore-based accelerator Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI.Asia) for another three months.

During the 7-year working experience in Information Development Authority of Singapore, Loh Mun Yew, founder and CEO TapTalents, spotted the needs for different training experiences in his discussions with lots of large enterprises. Then, he started TapTalents last year with his friend Rendy Ferixsen, now CTO of the company who has more than ten years of experience in telecommunication and billing industry.

image credit: TapTalents

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