Statistics show that we spend over half of our waking hours sitting – mostly hunched over in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time, or slouching on the couch watching television. It is no wonder that countless people experience back or neck pain, the results of sloppy posture.

Here’s where Giraffe-Friend comes in. Giraffe-Friend is a tiny, circular wearable device that aims to correct bad sitting posture, as well as help its user to prevent posture-related aches and pain.

The device is approximately 2.6cm in diameter, with a 9mm thickness, and comes with a clip that allows it to be worn on the collar or lapel. The device aims to remind its users to maintain correct posture. Data from the device is sent via Bluetooth to the smartphone app (currently iOS only), where data based on the user’s habits is analyzed. If its motion sensor detects that the user is slouching too far forward or hunching over, Giraffe-Friend will vibrate to remind him/her to sit up straight. Users can also set fixed timings for the device to vibrate and remind them to watch their posture.

Charging Giraffe-Friend for 20 minutes provides 100 hours of usage, and the device comes in seven different colors. Currently, the Giraffe-Friend project is raising funds on crowdfunding site DemoHour. In a mere 10 days, the project has already raised 87,527 RMB, 875% of its original goal. While its 89 RMB and 129 RMB pledges have already run out, the 159 RMB pledge (for one Giraffe-Friend in the colour of your choice) is still available.

Giraffe-Friend is the brainchild of senior student Xiang Renkai from Peking University, who gained inspiration in 2013 from a project he witnessed at Yahoo Hack Day – a Chrome plug-in that allows users to browse by turning their heads left, right, up and down via the camera, using motion recognition technology.

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