Back in 2005, Anina Net began mobile blogging. In 2007 she landed in China. Now 360Fashion Network, her endeavor for bridging the gap between fashion industry and technologies has presence in China, Europe, US and Australia.

360Fashion Network helps fashion brands build cross-device web & mobile presence, online shopping solutions, and other solutions taking advantage of the most advanced technologies from 3D printing to Augmented Reality. Virtual Boutique is a virtual window shopping solution provided by the company that enables customers to buy items displayed on any surface, wall, paper, etc., through a mobile app.

In China 360Fashion Network developed a Windows Phone app for VERO MODA, one of the most welcomed women’s apparel brands in China. The company also developed apps for Chinese fashion designers.

360Fashion Network believe 3D printing will play a big role in revolutionizing fashion industry. Last month Anina helped bring the collection of 3D printed eyewear and jewelry by Finnish 3D printing designer Pekka Salokannel to China.

360Fashion Network 3D Printed Ring by Finnish 3D printing designer Pekka Salokannel

360Fashion Network 3D Printed Ring by Pekka Salokannel

In the past several years, since Anina was one of the few from the fashion industry that were working on technology-powered solutions, she was approached by tech companies like Nokia and Microsoft whenever they wanted to do some projects or events related to fashion. Anina thinks it’s a big edge of hers that she otherwise couldn’t work with the world’s best tech companies on tech products.

That’s also why fashion organizers would always like to offer 360Fashion Network exhibition spaces for free. Anina thinks exhibition is the best format to show how technologies can better serve fashion businesses. She found audiences to their booths at various fashion exhibitions around the world didn’t need to be told how to interact with those technologies from Augmented Reality or other interactive shows.

Anina now is raising funding in order to develop an end-user-facing app. She is also looking for iBeacon developers to create new shopping experience for physical stores. She’s even thinking of developing solutions for fashion goods or products on top of WeChat, currently one of the most popular mobile apps in China — although WeChat is known as a messaging app, it has released some APIs to for businesses to build sophisticated features for their official WeChat accounts.