Uxiang.com is an e-commerce website that helps traditional offline retail businesses in China embark on an e-commerce strategy by providing a solid online platform and whole range of supporting services.

Started by Linkshops.com.cn, the e-commerce website is focused on providing a one-stop solution for offline retail businesses to join the online bandwagon easily and at minimal cost.

Uxiang.com’s core business is aimed at offline-only retailers (main targets per region are the top two supermarket chains), offering them a customized online platform that includes the website, mobile app and WeChat official account to sell their products at full coverage.

In addition, Uxiang.com provides CRM support, management of marketing campaigns and knowledge enquiry, and conducts training sessions of online operations.

In order to garner trusts and credibility from the retailers, Uxiang.com only provides a channel and marketing support and will not be involved in the businesses’ inventory, distribution or monetary transaction side of things that are considered sensitive or confidential.

Essentially, Uxiang.com is a channel that congregates partnering retailers onto a unified online store. If the partnering retailer is in the same city as the customers, a two-hour delivery service can be guaranteed.

Since April 2014, Uxiang.com has signed with five major retailers from all over China as partners. Team behind Uxiang.com aims to successfully cover 700 cities over the span of three years, provide 80% of offline-only retailers an O2O(online-to-offline) service, expand partnership scope to more industries such as F&B, KTV and Beauty and eventually become China’s biggest O2O e-commerce platform.

Many offline-only retailers in China are slowly making their mark on the online space in recent times, where having an e-commerce platform almost seemed inevitable. With Uxiang.com, the process may be sped up and made more efficient, especially for some offline retailers, who have little knowledge of the online space.

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