Quan Quan is a Chinese social networking app that pivots on location-based services (LBS) for people to meet strangers and share lifestyle information based on the vicinity of the users.

The PC era of desk-bound searches and forums has unadmittably provided people with liberal access to bountiful packets of information globally – and that, is still good.

However, finding information of your immediate vicinity whilst on-the-go might be a little tricky. With the advent of mobile internet, the function of real-time location maps has become so prominent and lifestyle apps start to aggregate rapidly.

First released on August 2013, the app aims to be a mobile platform that provides lifestyle information sharing and social networking purposes to people all centered around LBS.

Based on a user-generated content (UGC) model, localized information are created by users of respective locations and forum discussions can be held within the “community” of the different places.

Quan Quan follows a simple framework – (1) having a clean-looking user profile page and (2) news feed featuring statuses of other users, who are in your vicinity. The latter is done by identifying your current location automatically and allowing you to view other users’ Weibo(a Chinese microblogging service)/BBS/profile near you.

Users can search for others by defining the vicinity with three distance options (5/10/20km) and also check specifically how far they are from you.

Quan Quan categorises topics for discussion based on five verticals – Novelty, Feelings, Random, Events and Social. Users can share what is happening around them, any retail offers nearby, organise events, make friends or even sell off second-hand items!

The app runs on iOS, Windows and Android platforms. Quan Quan was featured by iTunes four days after its release and has garnered over one million users since.

Team behind Quan Quan has plans to roll out more exciting social functionalities to the app and creating values for potential monetization.

Huiyi Lee

Tech and communications enthusiast based in Beijing.

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