After moving from Dalian to Shanghai at the beginning of this year, startup acceleration program Chinaccelerator unveiled the fifth batch of nine startups running through its three-month project.

Most of the startups are founded by foreign entrepreneurs with their own insights on Chinese market or Chinese with overseas backgrounds. The nine startups are engaged in a wild variety of industries ranging from medical care to fashion, etc. They are also at different development stages, some of them have been running for a couple of years and established sizable user base, like Neonan, while some others are just preparing to launch their products.

Despite all these differences, the nine startups shared their graduation design after three months of sweat and tears early this week. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Agada

Agada is an online medical care service helping Chinese cancer patients to find trusted second options on serious diseases like cancer etc. The site will provide a list of inspected and certified healthcare providers for patients to choose. To guarantee the quality of medical services, Agada will inspect facilitators and hospitals on a yearly basis and monitor customer satisfaction results on a quarterly basis.

2. Asyncode

Asyncode is a software development tool that enables anyone with basic HTML and CSS skills to build fully-fledged applications for solving everyday problems. Asyncode Platform leverages its home-brew HTML-like language and a query language for full stack software development. They provide a PaaS solution to host apps written in their language in a scalable and secure environment, so that users do not need to deal with any technical issues.


An app for your appetite. connects foodie’s mood with the perfect meal by providing story driven dish-level recommendations. The app solves the problem of “what do you want to eat” by linking users’ emotions and mood to personal food recommendations, just as the app’s Chinese name indicates (吃神马 is a pun on 吃什么 or what to eat).

4. Daily Themes

Daily Themes offers personalized writing improvement to the billion-plus internet users who speak English as a Second Language and cannot express themselves fluently in written English. Users are encouraged to write regularly on a free and open community about their everyday life and their interests. They will receive personalized suggestions for improvement that are based on their writing patterns. Users can read, comment on, and learn from each other’s work. In addition, users may upgrade to receive detailed reviews and corrections from experts with Cambridge University qualifications.

Daily Themes was founded by three friends who are passionate writers and recent graduates from Yale University. The company has received some media coverage before the demo.

5. Giftpass

Giftpass is a We-Chat based e-gift card service. The presents sent via Giftpass are redeemable at local merchants anytime, anywhere. For merchants, Giftpass will make their merchandises become electronically gift-able. The team is aiming to include 1,600 high-quality merchants listed in the service in six months’ time.

Actually, this startup make me to think about another gift card service Kaado, but Giftpass’ We-Chat based nature may give it an easy access to a larger user base.

6. Neonan

With a goal of empowering young men to become the best version of themselves, the web portal startup Neonan offers digital publications on fitness and dating advices. The company has running for several years. It now has one million monthly unique visitors and decided to focus on video contents in the future. Neonan’s videos has over billion of views on China’s network, according to the company.

7. NYCareerElite

NYCareerElite wants to facilitate hands-on working experiences for Chinese university students by connecting them with international start-ups and entrepreneurs online. The site will be launched soon.

NYCareerElite was founded by Americans Eoin Brown and David Posner, and Chinese Yikai Xu (Duke). Dave and Eoin both graduated from Vanderbilt University and Duke is an undergraduate at Vanderbilt.

8. Shophop

ShopHop is a curated fashion guide that provides local shopping suggestions, helping shoppers to find the fashion labels to their tastes. In addition to finding nearby boutiques, the app also integrates social data to create custom shopping itineraries for users.

The app will be launched this July in Shanghai and gradually expands to other Asian cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok to Tokyo, etc.

The app planned to commercialize its service by adverting and other paid services targeted at boutiques, like commissions on purchases by shoppers who come via a trail on Shophop, but the shop inclusion into data base will be free.

9. Eventures

Eventures is a mobile platform that allows event organizers to publish and share event information and create unique channels for exposure and engagement. Users will get real-time updates about the changes in event agendas, moreover, it also allows organizers to upload files, photos, and videos, as well as to getting feedbacks from attendees via surveys.

Emma Lee (Li Xin) was TechNode's e-commerce and new retail reporter until June 2022, when she moved to Sixth Tone to cover technology and consumption. Get in touch with her via or Twitter.

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