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Venturelab, a national training program by the Swiss government for innovative, high-tech startups, will bring 10 Swiss entrepreneurs to China as part of the ‘Venture Leaders China’ program. This is the first year the program is being organized in China, a similar program in the U.S. has been running for 13 years. The 10 selected entrepreneurs will travel to Shanghai and Beijing in September to boost their understanding of the Chinese market.

“No entrepreneur can ignore Asia anymore, especially at a time when China and other countries’ economic growth shift to an innovation-driven model. While remaining a challenging and complex environment, China offers market opportunities, world class expertise in production and supply chain as well as a competitive talent pool. Venture leaders China will guarantee that the startups will learn how to make the best of this fast moving region,” saysPascal Marmier, CEO, Swissnex China, a Swiss government body which promotes Swiss industry, technology and innovation in key markets globally.

The 10 entrepreneurs visiting Beijing and Shanghai from 3rd September to 13th September as part of the program:

Laurent Fabre, eSMART Technologies Sàrl – CleanTech

eSMART offers a solution to understand energy consumption at one glance and control everything around home in one touch. One of the world’s smallest SMART power modules, it can be installed in any existing homes without additional wiring or radio emissions.

Reynald Besson, Von Arkel SA – Mechanics

Von Arkel emphases on Swiss know-how and ingenuity with a distinctive concept bringing together Swiss tradition and quality. The Von Arkel eyewear offers a magical hinge. Its technical nature, strong reliability as well as its distinctive and pure design come from the watchmaking industry.

Yun Luo, plus MAT AG – CleanTech

Plus MAT is commercializing a novel and cost-effective system to recover photovoltaic Silicon from wafer sawing waste. With the patented technology from Plus MAT AG, presently lost Si can be recovered as feedstock at a much lower cost than the market price.

Wulf Glatz, GreenTEG – CleanTech

greenTEG’s sensor solutions enable high-precision heat flux and radiation measurements in laser power measurements, building physics, and calorimetry. greenTEG’s thermoelectric energy harvesters generate emission-free electricity from temperature differences for a variety of applications like actuators and sensor networks.

David Weill, Primequal SA – BioTech

Talent BT, created by Primequal, is a syringe that features auto inject for dose per dose mastery and Smoothject for a painless injection. For botulinum toxin injections in cosmetic surgery, Talent BT is eliminating regular treatment problems while providing a safer and faster procedure.

John Miles, Space 3D Solutions SA – Software

Space3D is a Swiss high tech research and development company with distribution partners in several countries. Space3D’s domains of expertise are holographic displays and the creation of custom interactive software’s featuring augmented reality, gesture controlled interactions and smartphone applications.

Yann Tissot, L.E.S.S – CleanTech

L.E.S.S. SA (“Light Efficient SystemS”) has proven itself as a serious alternative to today’s LEDs by delivering ultra-thin, -bright and -uniform lighting systems to their customers. These key assets, offered by its unique fiber technology, allowed L.E.S.S. to successfully enter the market of the industrial vision and of the display backlighting.

Martin Zahnert, Dacuda AG – ICT

Dacuda’s patented and mass-market proven SLAM Scan® technology enables real-time image stitching over space and time for any handheld device. Applications include smart peripherals (scanner mouse), mobile photography (e.g. LTL Panorama), and 3D object capture.

Salvador Garcia Zalduegui, iRewind S.A. – ICT

IREWIND® automatically records, edits and distributes personalized sports movies, providing instant gratification by delivering LIVE edited videos to the mobile phone, ready for private viewing or sharing on social networks.

Oswald Ortiz, Qnective AG – ICT

Qnective delivers tailor-made solutions covering the design, development and deployment of secure infrastructure projects around the world. The company maintains its own, encrypted communications platform, made in Switzerland“ for secure GSM telephony and data transmission.

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