An anonymous Sina Weibo account recently posted pictures of the construction site for a Microsoft retail store with posters reading “Microsoft store is under construction”. If this news is true, it will be the first time for Microsoft to open a specialty retail store in China.

The Internet giant opened up the first Microsoft store in Scottsdale, Arizona back in 2009. In addition to software, the store also sells Xbox game console, Zune, MP3, Windows Phone, as well as accessories, like laptop cases and earphones. Various laptops, netbooks and all-in-one machines manufactured by Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung and Sony are also on sale in Microsoft stores.

The company once commented “various companies are developing excellent hardware, including PCs, laptops, displays and other devices. One of the most important tasks of Microsoft store is to find and demonstrate the best and the latest products developed by different manufacturers.”

During the Worldwide Partner Conference 2013, Microsoft’s chief operating officer Kevin Turner has revealed that the software giant planned to increase at least 26 new retail stores during the one year period between July 2013 to June 2014, with special mentioning that “Microsoft is expecting to open a retail store in China soon”. The company launched recruiting plan for Chinese market in the same year.

Opening a retail store in China may not be a new policy of Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella, because he just took office Feb. this year.

According to the microblog, Microsoft store is located in the downtown area of Shanghai, only next door to the retail store of Apple.

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