Viber, a leading mobile communications platform, announced that it has more than 100 million concurrent online users. Additionally, the company claimed more than 360 million registered users, up from 228 million when it was being acquired by Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten this Feb.

It takes the company four months to record the current milestone after claiming 100 million monthly active users Feb. this year. Viber’s rapid growth may partly contribute to platform availability, as Viber is focused on offering cross-platform support.

It is now available on multiple platforms, including desktop,  iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows, Windows 8, Mac, Linux, Symbian, etc.

The messaging space is a highly competitive arena. WhatsApp and WeChat, two rivals of Viber, claimed 430 million and 227 million monthly active users respectively. Korean social networking app Kakao announced 140 million users by May this year. QQ, the instant messaging service of Tencent, announced 200 million concurrent users on April 11 2014.

Viber announced the new user number alongside the release of a new version of Viber Desktop that features a new look with a special focus on the ever-popular stickers. It’s easier for users to add stickers to their conversations with a sticker menu that can be docked to the side of the app. Viber Desktop has also been upgraded for better video quality and performance. 

On top of this, the Viber support site is now available in two more languages – Portuguese and Spanish, in addition to the current English and Japanese. 

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