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Eliademy, a Finnish e-learning platform offering cloud-based tools for teachers and learners, recently launched Chinese version.

CBTec, developer of the platform, positioned Eliademy as “education as a service“ (EaaS). Eliademy supports educators and students with free online classrooms that enable them to create, share and manage courses. The educational content providers can use it as a free learning management system and courses created by the teachers will always belong to them.

The company is working hard to present a simple and friendly interface by adding easy to use features so as to make it easier for teachers, even those with little technological backgrounds, to create new courses, said Liang Chao, co-founder of the company. The educators can engage students with features such as discussion boards, videos, images, newsfeed, visual notifications, calendar, etc.

The platform is now available in 26 languages, of which 5 are Asian languages. Backed by an international team, Eliademy is trying to localize their service by partnering with local online education services, said Liang. He added that the company is planning to find a cooperator in China.

Eliademy just received an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Finnish venture capitalist Inventure this April. The company is expected to receive a new round of at least $4 million Series A funding at the end of this year, said the company’s CEO Sotiris Makrygiannis.

Launched in Feb. 2012, the Helsinki-headquartered startup is founded by a group of ex-Nokia veterans led by former Nokia open source technology head Sotiris Makrygiannis.

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