Digital photo service Camera360 added a new ID photo editing and printing feature to its upcoming 5.2 version that will be launched this week.

With this new feature, users no longer have to worry about all the rigid proportion specifications required by a standard ID photo, cause the software will guide the users with auxiliary lines to facilitate the shooting of an ID photo that is in full accordance with these requirements.

In addition, the feature also allows users to edit the background, whiten the skins, and even change a more formal suit when needed.


What’s interesting about the new feature is that it lets users to place orders online so as to have their edited ID photos printed and delivered to their homes after paying via WeChat Payment or AliPay. This feature is considered as an effort to monetize the service.

As one of the leading photo editing tools in China, Camera360 is now available on Android, iOS and WP platforms. It claimed nearly 300 million users globally as of May 2014, of which around half of the users come from overseas market.

image credit: Camera360

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