As expected, people’s rising awareness of air pollution in China is rendering air purifiers a new favorite of Chinese households’. But with the proliferation of air purifiers comes the uncertainty of which manufacturers are reliable and whether they can solve people’s real concerns – to improve health in the long term. IKair wants to answer that.

Different from an air purifier, iKair is a smart sensor that provides an intelligent readout of indoor environmental factors like air quality and noise level, and then recommends solutions for improvement. In other word, it is not the final solution to indoor pollution but essential to finding the right solution. But what’s the point of a having a smart sensor without actually owning a clean device?

CEO Wang Yongtao believes a monitoring sensor is essential for both people with and without clean equipment. The sensor not only plays the role of a “judge” to review the efficacy of smart-home devices, but it also reveals problems that people might overlook. For instance, with a smart sensor, Wang accidentally found out that the CO2 level was particularly high in his little son’s bedroom, which could cause severe health consequences. One value of IKair is thus to uncover hidden risks and call for precautionary actions.

Like most other smart-home gadgets, iKair comes with an app.

Like most other smart-home gadgets, iKair is wifi- and smartphone- enabled.

Another selling point is its personalized user experience. Besides flexible module combinations, iKair uses the data gathered to refine its recommended solutions for users. Yet, like all “Internet of things,” smart sensors face the question of how effectively they actually work. At the end of the day people want practical and instant solutions whereas environmental problems in China are as vast as the country itself. IKair states that its air quality sensing system was approved by Department of Building Science & Technology at Tsinghua University.

As such, IKair plays the role to inform and educate people about indoor environmental health, especially for mothers-to-be who are earnest to know what’s best for their babies.

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