Notegraphy: The Instagram of words

If you find the lengthy lines of text in your Facebook status updates plain and boring, Notegraphy might be just the app for you.

Like Instagram, which allows you to apply filters to photographs before sharing them, Notegraphy allows users to dress up their text via a series of beautifully designed templates before sharing them on Notegraphy or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr.

Currently, Notegraphy has over 300,000 users and has amassed over a million notes, according to Chief Creative Officer and co-founder RafSoto.

“People use Notegraphy to curate their only identity. They write smart stuff, or fantastic quotes, or they share meaningful lyrics,” Soto said.

The app supports all language and character sets, and aims to take on the Chinese market next. Although Chinese social networks such as Weibo are not currently included in the sharing feature, Soto assures us that the team is working on it and that a new version will be live soon.


Notegraphy supports a variety of language and character input, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The team is also working on a brand new explore interface for note interaction among users.

“You will be able to browse notes by geolocalisation and also get in touch by a new messaging system with the notegraphers,” said Soto.

“In short, the Notegraphy experience will be smoother, more intuitive and inviting.”

Notegraphy is currently a free app, and is available as a web app and also has apps for both Android and iOS. The interface is easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. An in-app store will also be made available in the future, offering items and features that users can purchase to make their notes even more personalized and unique. Currently, Notegraphy is already offering exclusive customized collections for brands, celebrities and events.

When asked about where Notegraphy hopes to be in 5 years, Soto hopes that the app will become a standard for text sharing, creating millions of story-telling geniuses and typography lovers.

“One of the beautiful things about these kinds of products is that, the moment you launch it, it doesn’t belong as much to you anymore. It belongs to the users and Notegraphy will evolve depending on how people use it or like it.”

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