With the development of technology, people are making continuous efforts to find more convenient and simple human-computer interaction methods through voice, motion, eyeball, and even brain wave. Chinese startup Sharpnow recently released its solution to the problem–VID (Virtual Interactive Desctop), a Leap Motion-like 3D motion tracker and controller.

VID controller can track the movement of both hands of all 10 fingers with up to 0.01 mm accuracy and no visible latency (10ms). VID is a small box (19mm×34mm×90mm) weighted 110g with slim metal frames. It can be connected to computers powered by Windows 7/8 system via USB port on the left of the gadget.

The product offers two modes. When setting the black sensing panel upwards, the AirMode is opened automatically to identify motions in the conical space above the hardware, as shown in the picture below. The TouchMode will be triggered when the sensing panel is facing the users, identifying motions in the fan area in front of it. Around 20 games have been included in VID app platform.


                             AireMode                                                TouchMode

When taking about future development directions of the product, Liu Jinsu, founder of the company, said they planned to attract more developers by opening SDK and offering visualized programming tools. He added that the startup is considering to develop hardware which can track the motions of other parts of human body like arms, face, and the whole upper body.

VID has launched a funding campaign on Chinese hardware crowdfunding site DemoHour. The product is expected to be shipped this October with a price tag of 590 yuan (around US$95).

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