Hydata is a startup specializing in data visualization solutions to help clients understand their data. Recently graduated from Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Beijing, the data startup is backed with tens of million RMB angel fund.

Though big data has become ubiquitous in virtually all industries in China, not every level of the big data ecosystem is mature, according to Hydata CEO Frank Feng. “Most Chinese data companies can collect, crunch and analyze data, but there is still a big gap to be filled in data visualization. China is 4-6 years behind US in this regard.”

When asked how Hydata’s data visualization products compare to American and European ones, Frank said it is “about the same.”

Hydata’s products serve many demands, ranging from job report, advertising, branding, event display etc. Its has struck deals with both Chinese and oversea clients, including Nokia, Nike, China Mobile, CCTV, BMW, Tencent, Bazaar to name a couple. As of now, the largest demand for data visualization in China comes from the press although tourism is rapidly catching up, according to Frank. However, China has a serious shortage of capable data visualization experts and professional training. It remains to be ween how the surge in demand will drive the data visualization industry in China.

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