Kepler is an intelligent gas detector that promises to protect your home and loved ones from potential dangerous gas leaks with its technology and features.

Gases like carbon monoxide (CO) often get away with its colorless, odorless and tasteless nature. When in high concentrations, it can be toxic to humans and animals alike. This ninja-like gas can lead to serious poisoning in the event of gas leaks from common household appliances in your abode.

Packed with powerful sensors, Kepler constantly monitors gas and CO levels in your home, giving you peace of mind knowing your home and family are safe.


Combining a portable, sleek hardware with a clean-looking mobile software, Kepler is a product that allows you to stay safe and connected always. If Kepler detects a danger, it alerts you on your smartphone, whilst simultaneously flashing its lights and sounding an alarm.

Kepler’s intelligent alerts enables you to be clearly aware of the level of danger. Its early warning system alerts you to rising gas and CO levels before calamity occurs so you can calmly respond to the situation. If gas or CO levels become dangerous, Kepler immediately flashes a red warning light and sounds a loud alarm, allowing you and your loved ones to safely leave the area.


If you decide to place Kepler in your kitchen, it also has a clock and programming timer that can helpful for you. Essentially, Kepler’s real time display lets you check your home’s gas levels at any time, its gesture controlled timer means it wil be useful in your kitchen every day and lastly, Kepler’s connection to your Smartphone keeps you informed at all times.

Kepler is now on Kickstarter and team behind Kepler aims to help stop accidents and tragedies caused by gas leaks and CO by creating a better, user friendly detector.

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