As of this morning on Aug. 11th, TechCrunch Beijing Summit hasofficially kicked off and we welcomed our guests with opening remark by NedDesmond, COO of TechCrunch and GM of Aol Tech Media that includes Engadget,TUAW and Joystiq.


Ned started by stating that this will be an“amazing show,” and he thanked Lu Gang, founder of Technode, for being afabulous partner of TechCrunch. Looking back at the TechCrunch Shanghai eventlast year, Ned remarked that TC China and Technode is building upon that eventto make this year’s Beijing Summit even better. Ned also expressed his thanksto two special guests from TechCrunch team—correspondents Catherine Shu andJohnathan Shieber. Talking about some of the guest friends also coming from SanFrancisco, Ned briefly introduced Pat Gallagher, the General Partner ofCrunchFund; and Matthew Prince, Co-Founder and CEO of CloudFlare, a companythat came out of TechCrunch Battlefield;

Next Ned updated his audiences regardingthe next two big TechCrunch events that are coming up soon—Tech Crunch DisruptSF and Disrupt London, with the latter one especially focusing on the Euopeanmarket.

As the schedule rolls outs, our attendeeswill be hearing from awesome speakers such as Scott Beaumont, Bertrand Schmitt,Huib Kleinhot, and Rob Chandhok. We are looking forward to these two excitingdays that are unraveling in front of our audiences, and as Ned said, “let’smake this Tech Crunch Beijin an awesome event we will remember for a longtime!”

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