The concept of collective memory, which was firstly introduced by the French philosopher and sociologist Maurice Halbwachs, refers to the shared pool of information held in the memories of two or more members of a certain group, big or small. Based on this concept, the Taiwan startup DIITU Inc. created a brand of collective memory, a service that is designed to bring people a simple experience to link and share their touching moments.


DIITU believes that people are merely instruments in the forming of collectively memory, the sharing and grouping of a certain collection of events, locations and images should be systematically linked to create a different social network that is not based on individual experience but rather on a group experience. In order to realize this, DIITU has developed a collective memory engine to detect, calculate and classify what and how users record and share their experiences of a certain event, and then subsequently link all associated information to create a “time wall” of the said event. DIITU also takes into consideration of privacy and data security, which means that only pre-approved information will be shared or stored in the Cloud. To ensure a better user experience, DIITU can also be linked up with other popular social networks like Facebook or Instagram etc. for an easier sharing function.


When asked about the inspiration of the idea, Jeremy, co-founder of DIITU said “We are all parents and we often gather with our friends for family events. With times we realised how difficult it is to get access to all of our friends’ photos or comments of our gatherings, they are all scattered around in different social networks and accounts. We wanted to create a network where it is easy to see everyone’s experience of the same thing.”

When explaining how the name “DIITU” came about, Jeremy said, “The company and product name “DIITU” has close connections with events. Each event memory contains at least a place on a map, time, and information. While double “i” in DIITU refers “time” and “information” and the pronunciation is similar to the word “map” in Chinese [`ditü], DIITU precisely declares company objective.”

DIITU is also a B2B service targeting businesses with its “DIITU for Business” service. DIITU has been in talks with event organisations and PR companies for potential cooperation. DIITU for Business offers business users a central platform to collect information of the events and also provides real-time feeback, making it much easier for the organisers to analyze the performance and result of their events.

DIITU Inc was founded in 2013 and DIITU app was officially launched in May 2014, which is now available on iOS and Android OS. So far DIITU has offices in Taiwan and Mainland China with five team members, including three full-time developers and one part-time designer. DIITU co-founders each has more than ten years experience in mobile Internet service
 development, brand marketing, and market communication.

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