Nimble is a tiny and flexible ring-shaped device designed to magically transform 15ft. in front of your computer into a highly accurate interactive space.

Simply plug in the USB sensor into the computer, get Nimble into your index finger and voila, start gaining control with your finger tips.

Nimble claims to be of high accuracy with the ability to distinguish a slight change at mili-meter scale. It also offers swift responses with immediate sensing motion capabilities.

The tiny “ring” functions up to 15ft. in distance and gives you complete control without a mouse or keyboard. Furthermore, it supports multiple screens with easy data transfer.

Nimble can be used for both consumers and corporate. You can play a dynamic game of up to eight players at home with its multiplayer capability or give a smooth presentation in offices or schools, without the need for clumsy mouse controls.

Developed by Intugine Technologies, a fledging Indian start-up, Nimble comes with three rings, a USB sensor and a software to provide you with a complete gesture control. It is up for pre-order now on their official website.

Intugine Technologies, aims to build a new line of economic devices for both home and office use that will entirely change the present scenario of how people interact with machines. And Nimble would be their first in-line.

Intugine Technologies aims to re-invent the way people interact with machines using gesture recognition technology and devices for now. They have future plans to march towards the path of Artificial Intelligence.

Tech and communications enthusiast based in Beijing.

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