Powered by Ucloud, Coding is a cloud development platform that allows developers to code anytime from any browser, and enables them to collaborate in real time.

Similar cloud editors from the US include Codeanywhere and Cloud9, but these websites focus mostly on the development environment and partner with third-party services, for example, GitHub to host codes, AWS and Heroku to deploy, and Drone.io to debug.

Coding, on the other hand, has an ambitious goal to service the entire development life cycle in the cloud. There are dozens of services for developers in China like GitHub’s equivalent GitCafe, but none seems to “multitask” to the extent that Coding does.

When asked whether their overarching offers will lead to compromised user experience, Pan Huiyan from Coding told TechNode that though their offer is overarching, they focus only on the development stage and leave the production stage up to users. As such, Coding’s services are actually quite “focused”, says Pan.

Since its launch on July 16, Coding claims they have accumulated over 10k users. Social media has been its main driver for user acquisition so far.

It recently raised 10 million RMB in series A funding from IDG. All its services are free as of now but premium services will be added in the future, according to Pan.

Based in Shenzhen, Coding has 20 employees some of who come from one of China’s biggest open source communities for developers, Open Source China.

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