Taiwan-based mobile authentication startup AirSig has received US$2M of investment from Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group. Under the deal, Foxconn will hold a 10% of its share and join the board of directors, bringing the valuation of AirSig to USD$20M. The investment from Foxconn will be used in R&D and expansion into global markets, according to Pokai Michael Chen, CEO of the company.

AirSig is engaged in developing digital signing technology Air Signature which can accurately identify user and command at the same time. Enabled by the g-sensor and gyroscope that are embedded in smartphones, Air Signature can capture user’s unique way of writing for verifying identity and recognizing command spontaneously.

To unlock the phones, users only need to write in the air using their handsets like a magic wand while keeping one finger on the touch screen during the signing process. The technology also can be used in mobile devices, e-payment, e-commerce, IoT, etc.


Interface of AirSig Unlock and AirSig Password Wallet

The startup has rolled out three products powered by Air Signature technology: AirSig Unlock, AirSig Password Wallet and AirDoor. AirSig Unlock is an app that helps users to launch apps with one shot by allowing them to set custom gestures to various apps. The app will authenticate and recognize the commands, then activate the apps directly. AigSig Password Wallet is an android input-oriented app, helping users to log in accounts by signing in the air, avoiding any long typing contexts before entering the accounts. AirDoor utilizes the Air Signature tech beyond smartphone to control physical doors.

When compared with other technologies, the company believes the Air Signature tech has overcome some of the shortcomings of other mainstream mobile authentication technologies for password is hard to remember and type; fingerprint identification is not available to most smartphones due to high cost; and facial recognition is easy to hack with photo and hard to use under certain lighting environments.

When it comes to the crucial factor of security, AirSig claimed to be a 3-factor authentication solution, because it considers what you know (your signature), who you are (the particular way to sign you code), and what you have (your own smartphone with AirSig installed) at the same time.

The company was founded in June this year by a group talents who have rich experience in web security and marketing, and once worked at well-known Interment companies like Trend Micro, ASUS, Acer and Inventec.

image credit: AirSig

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