Commuting could be a beast, especially in metropolis like Beijing, which is known for its long-term headache of traffic jams. Although there’s no shortage of on-demand car-sharing apps to get you around the city, Ttyongche differentiates itself as a ride-sharing community for commuters to solve their transportation problems during rush hours.

After signing up as Ttyongche members, car-owners and ride-seekers can post details about their planned journeys and the platform’s smart logistics engine will help to pair the two parties.

The app offers a variety of car-riding experiences, ranging from economy class, comfort class to luxury class, depending on the type of car passengers selected. The riders would be informed about price of the ride upfront.


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As always, security is one of the biggest concerns of ride-sharing experiences. In addition to information about cars, Ttyongche also integrated car-owner profiles like rider reviews and whatever other bio info the driver has included. It has IM feature to allow instant communication between car-owners and passengers. According to the startup, Ttyongche also offers up to 200K yuan (around US$33K) of insurances to both parties.

As an avid advocate of sharing-economy, Zhai Ganglong, founder of the company, said most of Ttyongche’s users have a dual-role as both service providers and receivers in the community. He added that more than 50% passengers on the platform are also car-owners who offer rides.

Like other services, Ttyongche supports online payment. But one thing makes it different from others is that the money users earned on the platform as a car-owner can be used to pay for their rides as passengers.

The Beijing-based startup is founded by Zhai Guanglong, founding member of group-buying service Meituan and former CEO of Chinese Airbnb-like vocation rental service Mayi, in April this year. The company is supported by a 13-member team and only operates in Beijing now. It has received Pre-A funding recently.

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