IFTTT, the service for automating common tasks on the web, has announced that it now supports cross-posting on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo.

IFTTT (which stands for “If This Then That”) is a service that allows users to set alerts that will trigger a user-defined function. If you connect your Weibo to Instagram or Twitter, then your updates will be cross-posted to all your accounts automatically.

IFTTT now supports 134 free or paid services, or “channels” as referred to by the company. Weibo is the first Chinese service supported by IFTTT.  

The San Francisco-based startup has an English interface only and does not have current plans to release other language versions. Since the service uses different channel names for Twitter and Facebook, both of which are blocked in China, IFTTT is available to Chinese users at present. At present, it might posting on blocked sites a little easier for Chinese users. But nobody can tell what the case will be when the service is adopted by more Chinese services – though we can imagine what might happen.

Originally from: Li Shuhang

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