Unlike previous product launches accompanied by fanfare and heavy hype, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi today unveiled four smart home gadgets on its microblog, in a relatively low-profile rollout. The four products are the Ants smart camera, Xiaomi smart socket, Yeelight light and Xiaomi smart remote control center.

Ants is a smart camera featuring 720P HD live video stream, 110-degree wide angle and 4x zoom. With embedded microphone and speaker, Ants supports two-way remote dialogue, while Xiaomi smart socket enables users to power on and off remotely, and it has a USB port.

Yeelight is a Bluetooth 4.0-powered smart bulb which users can adjust for color and brightness via a dedicated smartphone app. Developed by appcessory solution provider Yeelink, Yeelight will be on sale at Xiaomi’s e-commerce platforms very soon.

Little information was released regarding Xiaomi smart remote control center, but the name suggests it might well be a hub to connect all the smart devices in home.

As an up-and-coming tech company, Xiaomi is moving rapidly from smartphones to wireless home and wearables. The release of these four products is a continuation of Xiaomi’s Wi-Fi Router-centered smart home plan. Xiaomi has stated that their hardware products would be “sold at cost” and their aim is to built a unified software platform for all hardware, from mobile devices to smart home appliances.

Although no information was released on prices, it’s reasonable to expect that theses products will be at the affordable end of the market. Ants and Xiaomi smart socket have been opened for free trial on Xiaomi’s Weibo account.

image credit: Xiaomi

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