Technology has brought remarkable innovations to the recruitment industry, opening up greater possibilities and eliminating the information gap between job seekers and recruiters. Wolongge is a business-oriented social networking service aiming to deliver another innovation by facilitating vocational and career communication and evaluation, and the company has announced that it has raised angel investment from iStart Venture Capital.

Wolongge allows users to follow companies in which they interested and to get insights into working for them, not just from company management, but also from those working on the ground. Users can post about their working experiences for a certain company, as well as sharing tips on interview tactics, salary, welfare, company culture, and so on. Interactions between users are encouraged to expand workplace networks.

As well as a networking tool, the platform is also a premium channel for businesses to find matches for their positions and also to guage their public reputation, so as to make corresponding improvements.

To motivate users to write more reviews on the platform, Wolongge has a virtual currency “Long Yu” which can be earned by contributing content to the community, participating in community events, or simply purchased. Some premium comments or reviews are only visible for paying users via Long Yu.

Founded in 2012, the platform now has more than 100,000 reviews and millions of daily page views.

image credit: Wolongge

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