The business card is still one of the most basic networking tools in corporate circles, but the process of managing the details of each and every contact can be a hassle. If you meet ten people at an event, how long do you spend creating new contacts on your phone, with all those mobile numbers, email addresses and Twitter handles?

CamCard is a business card reader app that captures contact details by utilising a smartphone’s optical character recognition functions. Launched in 2009, the app has more than 110 million users across over 200 countries to date, of which tens of millions remain active, according to Chen Sa, VP of INTSIG, the parent company of CamCard. She added that the app now supports character recognition for nearly 20 languages.

After the huge success of its personal edition, CamCard is shifting its focus to the enterprise market by releasing a dedicated version CamCard Business. Previously, CamCard’s personal edition adopted a freemium model to cater to the needs of both individual and enterprise users, offering both free and paid versions, with the latter including cloud syncing and extra security features that are more attractive to businesses. This model has accumulated the initial clients for its enterprise version.

Like the personal edition, CamCard Business can scan and read business cards with high accuracy. The new service is constructed on a security system where members of a company are only accessible at their appropriate levels of information. Moreover, users can add notes or reminders to a certain card, or set the best routes to visit a certain customer. The app can be used independently, or be integrated to CRM and ERP systems of big enterprises.

The firm chose Japan as the first market to wheel out its service, with the nation one of the largest markets for the company, accounting for 12% of CamCard’s total business as disclosed by Chen. The new app will hit the U.S. (October), Europe (November), Korea (November) and south-east Asia this year.

INTSIG, the company behind CamCard, is a provider of innovative mobile applications specializing in pattern recognition and image processing. It is also the developer of document scanning and management app CamScanner, snap translator CamDictionary and CamCard for Tradeshow, a business card management solution for trade show exhibitors.

image credit: CamCard

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