The recent investment surge by internet giants in health-related startups like DXY, Chunyu, Guahao, reflects changing public opinions towards online healthcare.

These companies target different verticals to solve problems in pre-digital medical systems. DXY is a socialized communication platform for medical, pharmaceutical and biological knowledge. Chunyu is a mobile healthcare Q&A service aiming to provide better and easier healthcare information, while Guahao, as its Chinese name suggests, helps patients schedule appointments with doctors and read medical advice.

Launched in August this year, Sunnymum is a mobile healthcare Q&A app for pregnant women and new mums. This market’s desire for relevant knowledge is huge, since the body conditions of both mums and babies evolve quickly, and every mother and baby has unique needs depending on their individual situations. Sunnymum helps them to get quick and convenient access to doctors and get informed about important healthcare issues.


Jin Liang, founder of the company, previously worked on an offline National Pregnancy Nutrition Course run by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. Sunnymum brings this course online and helps users to schedule appointments. Additionally, the app also promotes healthcare advice to users.

Jin said that the company is considering cooperating with smart hardware makers, as some other online healthcare firms do. “The collection of data during the whole pregnancy process will help doctors to make better diagnoses.”

The startup claims to have entered partnerships with over 380 maternity and childcare hospitals with more than 3,000 doctors on the platform.

In addition to the Q&A model, Sunnymum is planning to connect the doctors and users in an offline expansion. The company received angel investment this September.

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  1. This is good, as the growing community becomes more health conscious, and turns to internet for answers there are room for this market to grow. If they incorporate social chat groups with similar pregnancy stage moms for their users that would be a plus for these apps.

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