Chinese software developer Sogou has long been known as the company behind the Sogou search engine and Sogou Pinyin, a popular Chinese language input application. The firm has recently jumped on the smart wearables bandwagon by launching Teemo, a smart wristband for kids.

Teemo is a brightly colored tracker for kids weighted just 55 grams. It uses 2G GSM connectivity to power its voice messaging and GPS tracking functions. The device uses a 400mAh battery, which supports three hour’s talk time on a single charge or four days on standby, and is water and dust resistant (IP64 rated).


Like most GPS trackers, Teemo locates the wearers’ location and displays their route on a connected mobile app, helping parents keep track of their kids. But it also aims to form a more effective communication channel between children and busy parents.

Teemo holds a micro-SIM card, so kids can send voice messages to their parents whenever they want by holding down the single button on the gadget. Parents can likewise respond via the mobile app which supports a “Hold to Talk” feature similar to WeChat’s. The wristband will vibrate or sound an alert on receiving any messages.

Another feature is that Teemo can function as a controller for motion sensor games integrated in the app. It now supports three game where you can play as a shooter, drummer or magician.

Instead of displaying time on the screen, Teemo will read it out with a touch of the cover.


The gadget works with iOS6.0 or above, and Android 4.0 or above.

Teemo is priced at RMB299 (around US$48) with an annual telecom service of RMB240. The price is set higher than that for 360 Child Guard, a major competitor on the market which retails at RMB199 for the wristband, RMB90 for the telecom service.

Source: Li Shuhang

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