Screen Shots of JOOX
Screen Shots of JOOX

Tencent has launched JOOX, a music streaming app that is currently only available in Hong Kong. App download and music streaming are free, while a premium membership offers high-definition songs on-demand or listening offline without adverts.

JOOX supports sign-up via WeChat or Facebook accounts. Users accessing through WeChat can enjoy extra features, such as saving songs and playlists, or creating playlists. WeChat users also can share songs onto their Moments, the WeChat sharing platform.

The app is an international version of QQ Music, according to its WeChat public account. QQ Music is one of China’s biggest online music services and one of the first to provide copyrighted digital music. QQ Music’s Green Diamond membership subscriptions plan has been running since 2006, and was one of the first paid music services in China. Very few Chinese online music services offered premium subscriptions until last year.

Unlike QQ Music, JOOX doesn’t allow downloading, and on-demand music streaming is free on QQ Music.

The app was developed by Tencent Mobility Limited, which has other apps available, like MojiMe (for creating personalized stickers for WeChat) and iPick (restaurant exploring and dining experience sharing in Hong Kong).

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  1. sounds nice how you call hong kong overseas when is located in the same continent and is not even an island.

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