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The internet-of-vehicles (IoV) has become more of a reality as tech companies vie to create new tech to change the driving experience. Thus far, most of the IoV related services falls into three categories of car OS, on-board diagnostics (OBD) and automatic collision alerts.

Beijing-based startup AutoBot is an OBD hardware developer and solutions provider. The company has secured a US$6 million Series A investment from Gobi Partners and ABC Capital, with the proceeds to be used for R&D, marketing and attracting talent, according to the company.

Focusing on Chinese market, the firm has released two products: AutoPro and AutoBot Mini. The devices can be hooked either to a car’s OBD-II module or cigarette lighter to track important real-time driving information, including car performance, fuel consumption, driving habit analysis, driving route records, traffic advice and maintenance reminders. The two gadgets retail at RMB599 (US$96) and RMB129, respectively.


AutoBot Interface

Running off Bluetooth, data collected can be viewed on the AutoBot app, allowing users to understand their car in a simple, easy-to-understand readout which is shareable through interactive features.

“The Chinese automobile market has been the world’s largest since 2009,” said Thomas G. Tsao, Managing Partner at Gobi Partners. “In recent years, Chinese drivers have expressed significant demand for smart and affordable hardware solutions like AutoBot that improve driver experience and safety. As such, we are very optimistic about AutoBot’s prospects on the market.”

Chinese internet giant Tencent released a similar IoV gadget Lubao Box last year.

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