The secret of personalization technology is now open. Predictive technology offered by vendors like RichRelevance, Baynote, ExactTarget and Sailthru will no longer be a secret. These companies began to offer “black-box” solutions to e-commerce clients who lacked the in-house technology, while e-commerce businesses later started to hire data scientists in order to build a business advantage using data science. 

PredictionIO, the open source machine learning server, has released a suite of five e-commerce predictive engines, with a complete customizable source code and access to the algorithms. They cover a broad range of personalization applications. Instead of offering personalized prediction features by a blackbox, PredictionIO disrupts the industry by open sourcing all different prediction engines’ code for e-commerce businesses. Developers and data scientists in e-commerce and mobile commerce companies can use them at no cost. They can also customize the code to fit their own business needs.

“The IO in PredictionIO stands for Input/Output. We want to get developers making predictions in their products as simple as just inputting the data and getting the predicted output.” CEO of PredictionIO, Simon Chan said. 

Founded in January 2014, the company raised US$2. 5M in seed funding last July from Stanford University’s StartXQuestVP, Azure CapitalXG Ventures, Sood Ventures, Ironfire Capital, Kima Ventures, CrunchFund and 500Startups. The company’s Open Source Machine Learning server is empowering hundreds of applications with 6000 developers engaged in the project to enable developers and data scientists to build predictive applications in a fraction of the time. The Silicon Valley-based company has mainly US, Europe and India-based users, and has active users and an open source contributor community in China. 

Image Credit: PredictionIO

Editing by Mike Cormack (@bucketoftongues)

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at

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