With five million events held annually in the world, it is always a big burden for event organizers to deal the different services that offer ticketing, promotion and email delivery to attendees. EventXtra helps event organizations, whether corporate or government, to simplify the event organizing process and make the event create more of an impact for attendees.

The company’s strong point is that it offers one-stop event management so that organizers doesn’t have to the problem of managing many different events services. By using the service, they can integrate each stage of the process: pre-event registration, RSVPs, on-spot event registration, smart networking, after-event satisfaction surveys, polls, feedback, and statistics.

Connecting to the app, event attendees can enjoy ‘smart networking’ by tracking useful information. The attendee can browse all the attendees, and their profiles and interest, and connect to them. Before you enter a conference room, participants can browse who’s there and match people by their interest. Every attendee of the event is exposed to the company’s service and logo by participating in the event. “Each event is our marketing channel and every event is viral itself,” company CEO Sum Wong said.


The company has recently introduced a new feature, Event Capsule. There are times when an attendee has to consider which talk to attend between the many available. Event Capsule makes slides and videos available so that attendees can access useful material even after the event. The attendee’s activity is then analyzed, providing the event organizer with useful statistics and strong event client relationship management possibilities.

EventXtra operate a freemium business model, based on the numbers attending. If the event is for fewer than 70 people, you can use it for free. For over 70 people, the company charges from HK$1,000-4,000. Compared to vendor companies who charge HK$100,000 to organize an event, that’s just 1% of their price. The company is giving free trials to associations and schools to attract more corporate and organizations.

“Our name comes from our motto ‘bring the extra value’. When you use our service you can connect with more people, and you can experience all the talks even if they are in different timelines, using our event capsule,” Wong said.

Since launching the service in January, 2014, EventXtra received HK$2M funding from different investors from HK and the U.S. last year, with Wong saying that the company has received commitments to reinvest. After running several events last year, such as the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014, Apple MFi Technology Summit 2014, and the 2014 StartmeupHK Venture Programme, the Hong Kong based-company is now about to expand its service to mainland China, and is looking to find a local partner.


Image Credit: Cyberport, EventXtra

Editing by Mike Cormack (@bucketoftongues)

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at evayoo@technode.com

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