With over 150 million blogs on the internet, it’s obvious that this medium is a popular means of self-expression, and for sharing opinions, stories and experiences. With blogs spanning every topic imaginable, they are a fun way to form a community and can at their best be highly influential. However, a new blog is created every 30 seconds, and it can be difficult to sort through the noise to find relevant blogs on a specific topic. 

With a mission of re-engineering the blogosphere, Notey is a discovery platform that helps you find the best blogs on over 500,000 topics. By combing through and manually curating millions of blogs, Notey features the best articles from broad topics such as Travel to specific topics like Calligraphy – and everything in between. Users can discover great blogs and articles on any topic by simply typing in a search term in the “Discovery” search box, and can also subscribe to daily or weekly email updates on any topic.

Notey currently monitors 20 million blogs, while algorithmically and manually selecting the highest quality blogs in its database. “What differentiates us from RSS readers and blog directories is that we’re focused on content. We’ve structured the site based on topics, rather than by creating a list of bloggers. We think having that human touch makes all the difference,” Notey co-founder Catherine Tan said.

The company is currently focused on scaling and improving the user experience. Considering Notey has millions of articles on over 500,000 topics, there are future opportunities for partnerships, specifically with brands who look to bloggers to promote their products. “A large number of surfers search for blogs with an intention to visit a place or buy a product. If we only look at the wedding industry, the market size is 20 million alone,” Notey CEO and co-founder Kevin Lepsoe added.

Last month, the company received US$1.6m seed investment from angel investors including Hugo Barra (Xiaomi VP), Ryan Holmes (Hootsuite CEO and founder) and Steve Kirsch (founder of Infoseek).

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