Which enterprise messaging app does your company use? The TechNode team uses WeChat to communicate over articles and events. We tag @ to call out a certain member to ask for something. However using group chats you can often get lost in a stream of answers.

Silicon Valley’s Slack is also an efficient enterprise messaging tool where you have a small team working together. However, as the business grows and team members increase over hundreds to even thousands, these services makes it hard for a manager to communicate with large teams.

Teamchat solves this problem by offering a smart messaging to support a large team of people. It supports groups of an unlimited size and attempts to keep it clutterfree with its Patent-Pending technology called Chatlet. By using smart message templates,  a manager can easily request and receive an individual sales performance figure, company survey, opinion or feedback. When recipients submit responses, the service displays only a single smart message with aggregated responses to the manager.

“Large team communication is an issue not only for enterprises, it also includes political parties, schools, religious parties, and so much more. Even when a manager asks in a poll to 100,000 employees, Teamchat displays to the manager only a single message that keeps with updating itself with the aggregation.” Webaroo CEO Beerud Sheth said.


Maker of Teamchat, Webaroo went through four rounds of funding and raised a total of $50 million in financing from venture investors, including the Indian investment firm Helion, Cambridge, CRV, and Globespan Capital Partners.

The business model is “freemium”, with a premium version to serve admin dashboard. For enterprises, Teamchat charges US$2 per user. Headquartered in Fremont in California, Webaroo is also focusing on the Asian market especially the Indonesia, Philippines and India, where its engineers are based. Officially launched last month, the enterprise messaging app is growing rapidly, picked up by 1,000 businesses and 20,000 users.

Image Credit: Teamchat

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at

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