Uninano introduces energy-saving new material to adapt to steam pipe which is popularly used in chemical and power plants. By using a company’s new material called Thermosaver, it keeps insulation and reduces the thickness of the pipe by two thirds. Using it for 1km piping, the plant can save up to 100K megawatt for one year.

“It saves energy greatly. It’s in line with the social development and green chemistry since our raw materials and production production are all clean.” Uninano President Austin Lu said, adding that “Actually thermal insulation for pipelines in the chemistry plants is just one of our main applications. The advantages of our material lay in its extremely low thermal conductivity (index: 0.002 versus 0.005 of traditional thermal insulation materials) and its non-flammable, low volatile organic compound, non-toxic safety properties.”

The company received an undisclosed amount of seed round in 2011 from Softbank China when the team was still in R&D stage. Then received A round from same investor.


Thermosaver is served in thermal insulation, mostly in the steam piping system of power plant or chemical plant. It is also used in some other industries with some high requirements such as a nuclear power plant and used in the transportation industry including submarines.

As a material supplier of EPC (co-Engineering Production Company), Uninano designs the blueprint of the ideal chemical plant and cover the whole value chain by using distribution channel to cater end customers’ needs.

“It’s been just a year since we launched the product, but we already got references from big companies like Sinopec, the biggest Petroleum and chemical company in China, China Nuclear, BP, Baosteel.” Lu said.

Uninano chairman Richard Luan served 15 years as a specialist of nanotechnology and decided to build a company in 2008. Though the breakthrough was five years in the product development, with other researchers pursuing the same goal, the real trick was that the team pulled off a new material that reduces the cost of the insulation. They established the production line at the end of 2013, entering on business.

With its name meaning Unique Nano, the company is also serving many other industries and applications such as furnaces for steel and cement industry, transportation, building and construction etc. The company is based in iStart office with its manufacture factory is in Suzhou. No more than 100 employees are now focusing on R&D, operation in China domestic market, then targets the Asian market.

Image Credit: Uninano

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at evayoo@technode.com

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