Following our Demo Day hosted by TechNode Taiwan, ten startups from Taiwan, Brazil and New Zealand, each presenting  6-minute pitch followed by 4-minute QA from the panel of judges. After much deliberation, the judges announced the top three startups: The first, second and third prize went to Syngency, Loopd and FIISER respectively. Winners will be given a free booth with a value over 12000 RMB in the upcoming TechCrunch Shanghai exhibit from June 8 – 9.

Here they come:

Syngency (New Zealand)

Syngency empowers modeling agencies with feature-rich booking features and website management software, as well as convenient online and mobile tools and integration with cloud-based accounting. Agents can easily keep track of bookings and models can receive up-to-date booking and job information. The company has customers in English speaking markets, and is looking to expand into Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. 


Networking handful of unconnected people can’t guarantee that you achieve your goal attendance for an event. Loopd enables attendees to exchange contact information, collect marketing materials and check-in to the speaker sessions. Using physical analytics, marketers are then able to build a more sophisticated understanding of their most valuable business relationships.


FIISER is a search engine for free apps. Once a startup is uploaded on its web or app, a user can immediately try out apps without having to download them. This cross-platform ‘In-App Search’ search engine embraces more than 2,260,000 apps in the market.


Alfred is an immediate parking reservation service. When a user designates a destination on the phone 15 minutes before arrival, the service reserves parking spot. With a subscription based model, the company reaches out to high-end restaurants. With 2,000 parking lots in Taipei, the company starts beta testing in May and looks to expand the service to Singapore and Hong Kong.


Founded in 2012, Docceo made DigiJames, which allows guests to control room’s lighting, temperature, curtains as well as request room service or make reservations. It also accesses tourist information to explore the local shopping. Previously selected as Gartner Cool Vendor 2014, DigiJames recently launched in partnership with Microsoft.


Hilight make a social community platform for social media to highlight valuable information from larger content. By downloading the app or plug-in on Chrome, users can mark up important points on website, collect favorite articles, recommend good content to friends and share it publicly. 

Omni star

Omni Star’s flagship product, Triton, is outdoor, submersible wearable that acts as a diving computer. Like a regular dive computer, the watch shows information such as depth, water temperature, dive time and non-decompressional timeline to let the user dive safely. With mobile app and cloud services it also collates a private collection of your dives digitally. Pictures and videos are integrated into a user’s dive log, which becomes a timeline, detailing the depth and location of each image.

Paper Shoot

Paper Shoot offers paper-made digital cameras with over 400 different designs. Paper Shoot is lightweight and thin, which makes it easy to use and carry around. The users can download paper shoots templates and make their own design of Paper Shoot cover sticker. Paper Shoot is made from the recycled paper pulp material, non-toxic soy pigments and Coreopsis seeds.

Triskel (Brazil)

It is estimated that people sit more than 12 hours a day, and more than half of people suffer from lower back pain. By providing a wearable device, Triskel tells the user when they are not sitting in the correct right posture and can help you to correct it in daily life. 


It is said that 76% of social job seekers find their current position through Facebook. PEOPLE X aims to be a virtual assistant to help these job seekers on social networks. By integrating PEOPLE X into the social network, user’s friends can view each other’s job profile and help find a job opportunity.

Update (3/21/2016 19:09): This post was updated to correct a factual error. Paper Shoot uses non-toxic soy pigments.

Update (3/21/2016 19:11): This post was updated to correct Paper Shoot’s name.

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at evayoo@technode.com

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