After much speculation that Xiaomi would be prematurely releasing the Mi 5 today, they have instead launched the latest in their smart TV series. The 48-inch Mi TV 2s has a 9.9 millimeter aluminum frame and features a 4K image.

In tune with the rest of their range, the newest addition is very competitively priced, at 2,999 RMB (roughly $485 USD). It also will be sold in a wide range of colors including silver, pink, blue and green, as well as gold – in keeping with Chinese tastes of late.

Xiaomi featured a comparison between market leading 4K TVs at their launch event today, calling out Sony, Sharp and Samsung in a side-by-side show down. Interestingly, they have also focussed on redesigning multiple hardware features since their last part TV offering, including the modification of their power plug which is now smaller than a matchbox.

The sound system in the Mi TV 2s is supported by Dolby and there is 2GB RAM and 8GB internal storage on the Android-based system. The latest TV launched in partnership with some of China’s most popular content creators and licensors including Youku, PPTV and BestTV.

Slowing mobile sales in China have recently hampered Xiaomi, who after a meteoric growth period are now facing the possibility that they will not reach their 2015 sales goals. The company smashed through their 2014 goal of 60 million handsets following their $45 billion USD valuation earlier in the year.

While slowing smart phone sales across the board in China points to an overpopulated market, Xiaomi has extended their efforts to go abroad, launching a succession of new products in promising markets including India and Brazil.

Like the rest of Xiaomi’s connected products, including its predecessor the Mi TV 2, the Mi TV 2s will not be available in western markets for now.

Image Credit: Xiaomi

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