ChinaNetCloud, one of the burgeoning number of cloud services in China,  has announced a $9 million dollar A series, led by Juren Capital and followed by Jolly Capital.

Founded in 2008, the startup currently claims to be working with over 300 companies across the e-commerce, mobile, P2P lending and IoT sector.

According to the Founder and Managing Director of Juren Capital, Dr. Baotong Wang “China really needs this type of operations service, with a national focus on cloud computing, IoT, big data, innovation and more.”

The company was previously funded by an extended angel round, which included 500 Startups, ChinaCache and DFR Asia. It was 500 Startup’s CEO Dave McClure’s first investment in China back in 2010.

Founded in Shanghai in 2008, ChinaNetCloud manages large-scale internet operations. They have cut their niche in the market by partnering with a series of other cloud services in China, including Alibaba’s Aliyun, AWS, ChinaCache, UCloud and ChinaNetCenter. Currently, the company runs back-end servers and infrastructure for Chinese and international internet companies including Nokia, Dianping, ASOS, Xiaoshuoyi, and Wandoujia.

“ChinaNetCloud ensures customers’ system are reliable, fast, and secure all the time,” said Steve Mushero, CEO and co-founder. He is one of the expat entrepreneurs in China, who previously served as a full-time CTO at Tudou. Back in 2008, Silicon Valley veteran Mushero and James Eron founded the company.

“Juren and Jolly share our vision for an on-line world, the importance of world-class internet system operations, and how OpsStack will dominate the market,” he added.

Founded 2013 with a focus on early-stage high-tech industries, Juren Capital’s portfolio companies include Zylox, LoopMaster Energy, Zhonghai Ocean, and Its name comes from “Nine Considerations & Perfect Virtues” from Confucious’ famous Analects. Jolly Capital is part of the Jolly Group, a large public diversified company with interests in biotech, infotech, green chemicals, financial.

China’s public cloud service will be a one-billion RMB market by 2016 with an overall annual growth rate of 38.6%, according to IDC. The Chinese cloud market has been heating up with the entrance of domestic internet giants BAT and foreign players including AWS and Azure.

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