Big news for jailbreak community today — Pangu Team who have jailbroken iOS 7.1, iOS 8 and 8.1 have just released the first iOS 9 untethered jailbreak tool according to their website and Weibo.

For now, this tool is only running on Windows, which is not an unfamiliar feature to jail-breakers who benefits from Chinese hack teams’ jailbreak tools since iOS 7. The latest tool supports all Apple devices that are compatible with iOS 9.

This is an unexpected jailbreak for the community but at the same time appears to be well prepared. The Cydia Substrate, the core component that a jailbroken phone needs, is ready to update, which means the Pangu Team and Saurik, the maker of Cydia and Cydia Substrate, have worked together to make sure the jailbreak is operational on release.

In the previous jailbreak tool for iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.4, Taig released the tool before collaborating with Saurik and other key members of the community, making the jailbreak unstable and often unusable as well.

To jailbreak iOS 9, do backup the data in iTunes in the very beginning, and follow the instruction given on the official website. If you find hard to understand Chinese, you can go to reddit jailbreak subpage to seek help.

Click here to download the tool, or follow their twitter account @PanguTeam for the coming updates.

Jailbreaking can open your device to potential malware, take care when downloading apps from third-party app stores.

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