Global smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has just announced global stable build MIUI 7 today. The users will be able to receive the update over-the-air (OTA) on phones via the updater app. MIUI 7 is available as a simple download on most of Xiaomi’s devices, including Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Pad, Mi Note, Redmi 1S 3G, Redmi Note 4G, and Redmi 2/ Prime.

MIUI app store, now the seventh largest app store in terms of installer base or coverage, surpassed 20 billion downloads two months ago. It is big news for Xiaomi fans using ‘stable version’, one of MIUI’s three ROM versions, since it is rarely updated. Common users who prefer ROM stability are recommended to use this version, rather than Experimental and Developer version that have more frequent updates. 

New MIUI 7 supports 30% faster system response speed and has a 10% longer battery life. MIUI 7 show company’s consideration for family users, as it introduces these new functions. For older age users, font sizes are adjustable from XS to XXL, specially optimized for small screens. Child Mode allows parents to play with phone worry-free, and custom Baby & Pet albums are available.


<People album screen shot>

The album recognizes faces via Mi Cloud, including user’s old photos. If users want to create a baby album, users just have to select one of the recognized person under the people album. If a user enables ‘add photos automatically’, the photo taken by the camera will automatically added into the baby album if he is recognized from the photo. 

Some updates are available only in India, such as showing a personalized profile picture/video when you call, daily rotating photos on the lock screen, smart SMS grouping, smart one-time password (OTP) handling. 

Xiaomi’s country-specific feature in India comes after it had teamed up with Foxconn to make phones in India last August. Its rival, Huawei received phone manufacturing license earlier this year in India. 

Image Credit: Xiaomi

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