Benson Leung, a Senior Google Engineer, has said that Type-C adapter cables from Chinese manufacturer OnePlus are harmful to fast charging smartphones, warning users not to use them with the recent Nexus and Google devices.

“Oneplus needs to get the message that their accessories are out of spec…” he said in a public post

 “Don’t buy this #USB #TypeC adapter for your Chromebook Pixel or Nexus 6P/5X phone. It uses the wrong identifier resistor.”

“The Oneplus A-C cable is not compliant either. I don’t recommend anyone with a Nexus use it.”

The cables from Chinese smartphone vendor OnePlus retail for approximately $7 USD. Mr. Leung notes that they are currently safe for OnePlus users because the phones do not support fast charging. However he warns that users should not keep the cord anyway in case they update their device.

“[The OnePlus cord] uses a 3A identifier resistor instead of the ‘Default USB Power’ one,” he says, which can harm the charger as well as the USB ports and PC. 

Mr. Leung began a solitary campaign against the adapters recently through a series of damning Amazon reviews, saying he was “fed up” with the non-compliant accessories.

None of the ones presently available are spec compliant, but several vendors have been in touch with me to repair their broken cables and adapters,” he says. 

Mr. Leung worked on both of Google’s recent Pixel devices that feature the Type-C connection.

Image Credit: One Plus

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