China already has the world’s best supercomputer and now they may soon have the most.

According to a reputable list of the most powerful supercomputers released this week, China now has 109 out of the top 500 systems. The number of Chinese supercomputers on the list tripled since the last tally six months ago.

China’s Tianhe-2 is still considered the most powerful supercomputer in the world, according to the same list, while China’s share as a manufacturer of high-powered computer systems also rose in 2015.

The U.S. has 200 supercomputers on the list, more than any other country. However their number has declined to the lowest since the list’s initial compilation back in 1993.

Chinese companies are continuing to invest in the high-powered machines to tackle the increasing computational demands of the growing local technology sector. They have also improved their marketing, with more machines running the required tests to be included in international rankings.

Despite China’s growing appetite for high-powered machines continues to rise, the latest ranking shows a continued slowdown in the overall development of supercomputer systems. “This low level of turnover among the top supercomputers reflects a slowing trend that began in 2008,” noted a release accompanying the list.

While China still holds the top spot for the most powerful supercomputer, it’s the country’s only representation in the top 10. The U.S. holds five of the world’s top ten supercomputers, while Germany, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Japan each hold one.

Cate is a tech writer. She worked as a journalist in Australia, Mongolia and Myanmar. You can reach her (in Chinese or English) at: @catecadell or

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  1. On schedule then for 2032 as in Alderic Au’s “Aztlan Protocol”, the Tianhe-25-M, capable of seven yottaflops, proves decisive in that war thriller.

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