When we say India, curry, the Taj Mahal, and the Ganges River might come to mind. Actually, India is also a paradise for startups!

In 2015, numerous big Chinese internet companies targeted India as their new overseas market, such as APUS, Meizu and Xiaomi. India’s startup scene has also caught the attention of Chinese investors. Last year, SBCVC (SB China Capital) invested more than $2 billion USD in Indian startups, as they saw the Indian market as a region facing a huge and rapid growing period.

In response to this exciting trend, we have created a competition called the India Startup Hunt for all the startups in India.

Schedule of the India Startup Hunt

India Agenda

The India Startup Hunt is a significant component of the Asia Hardware Battlefield. It will bring the top early-stage startups from India together on stages throughout India. From February 17th to 28st, TechNode co-organized with One Internet will build stages for the India Startup Hunt throughout all of India. You’ll find us in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

We will also bring top-grade investors, honorable speakers, and leading hardware companies from India to the Hunt in order to share their ideas about hardware and technology.

Startups will compete to win the title of  “Champion of India Startup Hunt.” Winners will not only draw the attention of media and investors, but will also be qualified to compete in the finals of the Asia Hardware Battlefield later in China.

The Hunt highlights the best of the entrepreneurial experience: big ideas, hard work, tough conversations, and lots of hustle. Although the winner will take away the name of champion, all of the contestants will enjoy a lot of exposure to the press, investors, partners and big enterprises.

To apply for the India Startup Hunt, http://oneinternet.in/asia-hardware-battlefield/

We hope to hear from you!

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