Our Delhi Pitching for Asia Hardware Battle was a great success last week, thanks to our India partner and event co-host One Internet.

After scouring for the most promising startups that bring exciting hardware into our lives, we’ve finally found them – fifteen innovative teams with products that can remind you when to drink water, mix cocktails, lower air pollution, “smarten” your car, and more.

Without further ado, TechNode is pleased to announce the participants in Delhi Pitching (in order of appearance):



Chakr’s product, Kaal-Ink, is a novel product aimed at reducing the detrimental health effects of air pollution. Kaal-Ink is a device that can absorb nearly 81% of particulate matter emitted by diesel engine generators and industrial chimneys. These emissions pose a tremendous risk to public health as they are carcinogenic and small enough to easily enter the lungs and bloodstream. These emissions have been linked to a wide range of serious health effects including premature death, heart attacks, and bronchitis and aggravated asthma in children.

The Kaal-Ink doesn’t use a filter – it simply collects the matter. After its concentration reaches a predefined value, the particulate matter can be separated from Kaal-Ink using a patented process by Chakr. After the particulates have been separated from Kaal-Ink, the product can be reused to collect more particulates, at the same efficiency as if it were new. The collected particulates are sent to Chakr’s collection facility for further processing.



Velmenni is designing a new wireless technology that uses visible light to transfer data at speeds up to 1GBps. This technology can be a good complement to exciting RF technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and other RF Systems).

6zene Technologies Pvt. Ltd


ZENE is a plug and play smart car product that can make any car a smart car. With ZENE, any car can communicate about its performance-related issues, impending problems, or the drive’rs driving behavior to help them become a better driver. ZENE provides real-time feedback and can be managed from anywhere in the world using a mobile app. Using knowledge from a telematics product that has more than 5,000 installations across India, 6zene Technologies designed the ZENE product. Finally, ZENE provides a complete end-to-end service by connecting users to 6zene Technologies’ car services marketplace.

Fruitarian Software Solution Pvt Ltd




Strike is a solar-based electrical vehicle (hybrid) that is 50% more efficient than the normal e-rickshaws on the road. In addition, the performance of the vehicle is consistent in all seasons. Strike is a patented product with a complete prototype that has already been successfully tested on road.

iPoS Print Private Limited


Vaayu is the first of its kind – a completely wireless, tablet-based, all-in-one point of sales (POS) solution for small- and medium-sized food and beverage (F&B) businesses. Vaayu (“air” in sanskrit) was designed with the SMB sector in mind and with the vision to introduce a unique mobile POS solution to them.

Vaayu consists of:

  1. A 10″ Android tablet
  2. Our own PT2200B dock station with an integrated thermal printer
  3. POS software for QSR
  4. A wireless card reader for cashless transactions

Rainbow Wallet


Contactless mobile payments is the next big wave. However, most mobile phones in circulation are not NFC-enabled and therefore unable to do this kind of payment. Rainbow Wallet’s proprietary device for merchants bridges the gap. Rainbow Wallet’s App generates an animation of flashing colors to securely transmit payment credentials using the mobile phone’s display. The device at the merchant’s end processes the animation to decode the payment credentials. The technology is novel and undergoing patent approval. The device costs less than 15USD, even in low volume quantities.

Leaf Innovation Private Limited


Leaf Innovation’s product, SAFER, is a smart device that sends distress signals to friends and family in case of an emergency. One of the app’s prominent features is SaferWalk where users can enter their start point and destination if they feel the route is unsafe. Through this, the user’s predesignated guardians can track the location and virtually accompany them until they reach the destination, after which live tracking can be disabled. SAFER Places is another important feature that displays nearby safe places, such as hospitals and police stations, directly on the map. SAFER has a pairing feature that it uses to connect with mobile phones.



Barsys is an automated bartender that can create a wide range of cocktails, including martinis and sangria. The product also has an interactive touch screen interface that can be used to increase the speed and efficiency of the bartender.

Briston Technomach Ltd


FuelArk is an IoT (Internet of Things) based solution that provides data around fuel and energy usage by businesses. It is used primarily in diesel generators and vehicles. Briston Technomach has more than 45 clients and over 400 deployments, with customers spanning across power generation, telecom, aviation, construction, logistics, transport, hospitality, healthcare, and retail. The company’s flagship product FuelArk automates the following processes through remote capture of digital data: 1) fuel filling, consumption and fuel taken out 2) units and cost of electricity produced, as well as the engine’s running status  2) notifications on when to refill the fuel in the tank

Medaino Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


Watcher is a lifestyle device that helps users understand their body better. It measures their vital statistics, maintains a data trail, and analyzes it in order to help guide users towards a healthier lifestyle. Watcher uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn and understand the behavioral traits and normal tolerance levels of the user, based on which the device will give a customized analysis. The product can tell users how to make up on lost sleep, warn them about early signs of medical emergencies for them or their loved ones, send an alert when their child is being conceived, and more.

Smart Water Bottle


The Smart Water Bottle is an IoT (internet of things) product that tracks water consumption in real time and glows to remind users to drink more water if they are running behind their daily water goal. Using self-learning algorithms and smart health trackers, the Smart Water Bottle suggest daily water goals based on the user’s physical activity. The Smart Water Bottle will also alert users if they forget to bring it somewhere. Users will also be able to view a detailed hydration report through their smartphone and compete with friends on their HydraScores.

CarGiz Pvt Ltd


CarGiz is a full-stack connected car platform that can be extended to trucks, bikes and buses. Made in India, it has the highest compatibility with Indian cars. Through the CarGiz HDK & SDKs, developers can access data on the cloud and connect with the car itself. With this product, users can upgrade their car without having to buy an expensive one. From alerting users to open doors or laptops forgotten in the car to reminders for worn-out brakes and filters, CarGiz technology can help users enjoy their vehicles longer and better.

Live Braille


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